Lyrics Tell The Story

Hey Y’all,

Yesterday, I sat and thought about what song was most relating to me, but that is where I ran into trouble.  In light of the recent news from Sunday night I have decided to include a few songs, which speak for themselves.  Enjoy music lovers, this is a tribute to the heros and everyone who was taken from us that day.

Darryl Worrley – “Have You Forgotten”

Alan Jackson – “Where Were You, When The World Stopped Turning”

Lee Greenwood – “God Bless The Usa”

Toby Keith – “American Solider”

Reba McEntire & Faith Hill – “Sleeping With The Telephone”

And I also wanted to include the one commercial which aired only once after September.  Every time I watch it my heart feels for that dark September day.

September 11, 2001

Musically & Respectfully,



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