What if She’s An Angel

Dear Slumber Sunday,

Today is gorgeous here in the heart of Country Music.   Well, the East Coast got pounded by Hurricane Irene and all the weather that comes with a 500 mile wide storm. Nashville has been rather peaceful and calm weather-wise.    Yesterday I volunteered for the first time with Habitat for Humanity.   And might I say, it was an experience which has changed my perspective of the organization and the people Habitat helps.

As many know, I have a song for every moment in life and the one in particular which fits perfectly with Saturday is “ What if She’s an Angel,” performed by Tommy Shane Steiner.   This song is reflective on how my perspective was changed.

As mentioned, Saturday was my first time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity so I only had a general idea of the operations of the organization, and I didn’t know much beyond the surface.   Habitat for Humanity is an organization helping to provide affordable housing for the poverty stricken and homelessness all around the world. I thought the houses were just given away, free, to the individual/s who would eventually be living in them. I was very much mistaken.

Fact #1 The future homeowners must pay the mortgage.   The house is one they will most likely live in forever due to financial circumstances.

Fact # 2, the homeowners invest their own time and sweat into the project of building the house.   On site yesterday, the future homeowner was working right alongside all of the  volunteers.   The team I assisted on was building a home for future homeowner, Edwin.   Edwin was a ray of sunshine the whole time.   You could see in his eyes how happy and excited he was about the house coming together.   I can only imagine all the other emotions running through Edwin.   Joy, excitement, accomplishment, pride, and I am sure many others.

Fact # 3, the homeowner must take a certain number of classes including financial management, how to be a good neighbor, how to be a good homeowner, and many others.   Habitat wants these homeowners to succeed.   The organization works with those who are willing and invested in making a change for a better life.

                                                         You can go on with your day to day
                                                    Trying to forget what you saw in her face
                                    Knowing deep down it could have been her saving grace
                                                                    What if she’s an angel

Saturday was an amazing day.   It is one that I will forever remember as well because of the friendships formed and the joy in my heart of seeing Edwin achieve his dream.   When you listen to the song think about the lyrics.

                                                        What if he’s an angel sent here from Heaven 
                                                 And he’s making certain that you’re doing your best? 
                                                                 To take the time to help one another.

I believe Edwin is an Angel and he was a way of reminding me to count my blessings everyday.

As always music lovers, until next time keep those ears entertained.



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