Little Miss

Happy Music Monday,

It feels good to be back in the writing mode, hit a bit of a writer’s block and a bit of a mental slump, but I am back.  Today is the perfect day to distract myself as well.  The weather in Nashville was beautiful all weekend long.  I find the weekends, which are gorgeous, fly by way to fast.  I got to enjoy a fun weekend filled with good times, laughter, and memories.  Would enjoy hearing how your weekend was?

So I know I already did a blog on Sugarland in regards to one of their songs this year, but their song “Little Miss,” has been catching my ear over and over at the right moments when I needed to hear it most.

Little miss, I’ll get tough, don’t you worry about me anymore

The third line into the song pulled me right in the first time I heard the song on the radio.   We all get our heartbroken, we sometimes get pushed around, and  more, but every time we stand back up we get stronger.  It is tough in itself to have thick skin and to not let things bother you so we just keep building up more and more each time.

Little miss, I’ll take less when I always give so much more

I know so many people who give, give, and give without ever asking for anything in return.  One of my best friends  has a heart of gold and this little woman is always there for her friends, her family, and is so strong throughout everything.

Little miss, hide your scars

Little miss, who you are is so much more than you like to talk about

Everyone has a past, no one is perfect and we shouldn’t strive to be.  Mistakes and scars are apart of life.  They tell our life story and form who we are.  We learn, we move on, and we don’t always want to look back on the tough parts of the past. We should because they tells us a lot about ourselves, about our resilience.

The lyrics of Sugarland’s song has connected with a vast amount of fans.  Fans were the ones who actually made a personal project and video.   Checkout the inspiration behind the lyrics at Jennifer’s blog, once you finish reading her blog explore Sugarland’s website and listen to all the different connections to Little Miss.  Very inspiring.

As always music lovers, until next time keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea  ♫



Changes Are Happening

Hey Music Lovers,


I know, I have been absent for a few weeks.  I apologize.  I took a little bit of a break to recharge and get a new mindset on the blog.  I want to change the structure of the blog because personally I don’t enjoy restrictions on creative enrichment.  My blog is going to continue to cover the different shows I attend along with Music Monday.  However I am going to add spots I visit around Nashville, songs of the day, and whatever else comes to mind.


If you have any suggestions, I truly would love to hear your thoughts.  Personally, I want to feel as though I am writing to friends.  Interact with me, act as though we are sitting in the coffee shop catching up on our weeks.  I want to hear what you have been up to, what you would like to hear about, and anything else that may come to your mind.


I am looking forward to the new outlay of the blog and hope you are as well.  With the changes creativity will be flowing. Thanks friends.


As always, keep those ears entertained!





Night Walks

Happy Monday Music Lovers,

Sorry I was absent last Monday, but it was a holiday and I needed to recharge my batteries in the beautiful weather Nashville got to experience.  I hope you all took time to care for yourself as well.  We all need those days to just sit back and relax.  Especially at times I know how crazy a schedule can get.  Saturday was My Uncle Gabe’s 7th Birthday in Heaven, which is what lead me to my pick for this Music Monday.  I chose “Night Walks,” performed by singer songwriter Nick Motil.

If tears could build a stairway,

And memories build a road,

I’d climb those stairs to heaven and bring you home, on my own

When we lose someone in our lives we always think back to all the memories we shared together.  Good memories, bad memories, and those memories spark tears because we know we will no longer be able to make more memories with that person.  Tears sneak up on me at times when I am extremely happy and I wish I could share the news with my Uncle. Tears sneak up when I realize he isn’t here to see how his children have grown, he’s a grandfather-do you think he knows?

I wonder which star is yours ’cause

I get so damn tired of talking to the moon.

This is my favorite line of the song.  During those peaceful and calm nights when the stars are shining brightly, I like to just sit outside alone and talk to the stars.  I talk as though I am talking to the Heavens, Uncle Gabe is listening, he was a great listener,  and he is the brightest star shining in the sky. I want to leave this blog off with the last few lines of the song because I want you to tell me how you feel.

And I’m alone on my night walks,

I get lost on my night walks…

Lost with you


As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫


Stand Up

Happy Monday Music Lovers,

I truly apologize for not posting a blog last week, but have you ever had one of those weeks where things are just crazy as ever?  However, no matter how crazy they were I loved every minute of every day because day by day dreams are coming true.  This week was tough for me to pick a song because so many lyrics were hitting so close to my heart. After deep thought, my song for Music Monday this week is Sugarland’s, “Stand Up,” written by Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush.  Sugarland’s newest album Incredible Machine has true talent flowing out of every song featured on the album.  This song is one of those songs where the lyrics become an anthem and you want to stand up and use your voice.

There’s a comfort

There’s healing

High above the pain and sorrow

Change is coming

Can you feel it?

Calling us into a new tomorrow

We all have days where pain and sorrow seem to consume us, and it is hard to see the brighter moments ahead.  Bad days are meant to teach us to appreciate the days where the sun is shining high and we are living every moment.  If life were always perfect, how would we develop our character?   One of my favorite quotes on character is by an anonymous author; “We have no right to ask when a sorrow comes, why did this happen to me?  Unless, we ask the same for every joy that comes our way.”

When the walls fall all around you

When your hope has turned to dust

Let the sound of love surround you

Beat like a heart in each of us


We have all had our heartbroken at some point in our lives.  Whether it be the first grade crush on Jimmy or the one who walked away when you thought they were everything to you. We all have walls built from that moment on to protect our hearts.  One thing we forget in those moments where it seems the world is ending, is how we have so many people in our lives who love us and will be there to help us pick the pieces back up.  This verse reminds me that at times our hope will be shattered, but it can be built back up by remembering all the love.

Won’t you stand up and use your voice?

This is the most powerful line throughout the whole song.  Each and every one of us has a voice and we choose whether or not to use the most powerful tool God gave us.  Reread the verse and just think about it for yourself.   I will leave you with your own thoughts.

As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫


One Last Christmas

Music Monday,

Wow, it is almost Christmas! I can’t believe it!  Who has finished their shopping?  I know I have tons more to do yet before next week.  I have gotten a bit wiser over the years, and I truly appreciate Christmas more.  It has taken on a whole new meaning this year due to so many good changes and blessings in my personal life.  As children, we think Christmas is about the presents under the tree, going to church, and seeing what Santa brought.  As I have gotten older, I realize Christmas isn’t about the presents under the tree.  Christmas holidays have become more of a time to treasure the time with family, friends, and everyone who comes into my life during the whole year and even the anticipation of the friends whom I have yet to meet.

This song and video made me understand how precious time is with loved ones in my life.  “One Last Christmas,” is performed and written by Matthew West from his newest album, The Story of Your Life. West took on a whole new meaning to providing music, which is truly about life, for his newest project.  West asked everyone to write to him  about the story of their life, and he composed songs relating to those stories.  That is how his new album has formed.  It conveys such a powerful message because it is about real people and real stories.

* “One Last Christmas,” is about a young boy named Dax who was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 13 months of age.  His parents were told he probably would not live to see Christmas day.  “One Last Christmas,” is about providing Dax that one last Christmas that he would forever remember and no one else would forget.

The opening of the song has the most powerful lyrics because West really gets deep into your heart.  “It’s the news that no one hopes for, every parent’s greatest fear.  Finding out the child you love so much, might not make it through the year.”  Parents pray nothing goes wrong in childbirth and they are so grateful having those special moments from the time they bring their child into the world and every moment thereafter.  The type of news Dax parents received, I cannot even begin to fathom.  What they felt in their hearts is evident in the video.

The second verse provides the listener with such warmth in their heart. “Middle of September, still seventy degrees.  Daddy climbs up in the attic, brings down candles, hangs the lights on all the trees.  Then the neighbors started asking, and pretty soon word got around.  First it was the neighborhood, before too long they lit up that whole town.”  Dax’s parents wanted to be sure their son would have one last Christmas so his parents began decorating their house to reflect the special time of year, a joyful time for most children.  Just as the song said, the whole neighborhood and town followed efforts to give Dax one last Christmas.  Dax’s smile was as bright as the Christmas lights!

The chorus in the song is what keeps your spirits high through this emotional song.  “For one last Christmas, one last time.  One last season when the world is right, one more telling of the story, one more verse of Silent Night.  They’d give anything so he could have, one last Christmas.”    The video is what makes the chorus come to life because West provides a glimpse into Dax’s life with home videos provided by the family.  You see how much love everyone had for this small child who would only grace their lives for a short period of time.  Dax was the apple of his daddy’s eye and mommy’s loving boy.

In Dax’s life, he has already touched so many lives in his short time on Earth.  Matthew West has created a story, which will open your heart to Dax even though he is no longer with us.  The day Dax passed, that dark December day, a tiny Angel gained his wings and he will forever watch over us, and remind us all what Christmas is truly about.  Christmas is about treasuring and remembering the moments we have with one another.

Now we all have a chance to own this one of a kind video, by making a small donation to St. Jude on Matthew West’s website,  The goal is to raise enough money to fund St. Jude for one day in memory of Dax.  He and his family received compassion and care from St Jude, free of charge.  They have almost reached the goal.  I have vowed to make a small donation, won’t you?

Everyone reading this, open your hearts this holiday season and treasure each person you have been blessed to meet in life.

Until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫

*Information on the story behind “One Last Christmas,” was accessed at MatthewWest.Com




All I Ask For Anymore

Happy Music Monday,

It is almost time to stuff our bellies full of yummy foods and hit the gym extra hard this week as Thanksgiving gets closer.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone, my blessings go out to you and yours. Have a safe and happy holiday and rejoice in the time you spend with your loved ones whether they be family or friends.  I was a bit stumped as to which song was relating to me most this week, but once I heard it I knew this song was perfect especially with the holiday.  My song of the week is “All I Ask For Anymore, ” written by Michael Casey Beathard and Timothy A James, performed by Trace Adkins.  The lyrics are what fit so well into the holiday season because this is time of the year where we realize how thankful we should be and ask the Lord to watch over our loved ones and keep them safe.

“It was a passing grade, a pretty girl.  All the money in the world.  What mattered then kept changing every day.”  When I was younger I remember praying to the Lord to let Dad bring that puppy home, let Mom allow me to use the car over the weekend, or keep the brothers out of my hair.  Each day what I prayed for changed because wisdom is learned over the years and we eventually realize there are more important things to pray for at night.  With each age, I sincerely believe we comprehend, all the money in the world, a passing grade, etc wouldn’t matter if our loved ones weren’t safe each and every night.

“And when I bow my head tonight, There’ll be no me, myself, and I.  Just watch my wife and kids please Lord, That’s all I ask for anymore.”  Now, personally I have no husband or kids at this point in my life, but this line can be changed from, “Just watch my wife and kids to watch my loved ones please Lord.”  That is the great ting about Country music is the realness.  Listeners can hear their own values portrayed within the lyrics.  I have heard many times at concerts, listening parties, etc at least one person say, “Wow, that is my life in a song.”

The last line of the song is truly what touches my heart because of the pure simplicity and relatable quality.  “That’s all that matters anymore.”  As human beings with hearts and emotions we realize how important it is to be thankful for who we have in our lives, family and friends alike.  Not only family and friends, but think about the teachers who have impacted your life, the neighbor down the street, or that stranger who you met just once.  My view on relationships and encounters with different people is each person we meet has a lesson to teach us and it is up to us to decide to listen or ignore why they have crossed our paths.

As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫



PS  I am starting to include an extra special treat, I will now link the video to the title of the song.  Just click on the underlined title and it should direct you right to the video so you can enjoy the song 🙂

Unanswered Prayers

Hey Music Lovers,

It’s Music Monday!  Hope you all had a ‘spooktacular’ weekend and got lots of candy or at least had lots of fun.  This was my first Halloween in Music City, all I can say is “Wow!”  The ghost, goblins, bugs, and beetles were out amongst the football stars, beauty queens, and princesses on downtown Broadway.  I will talk about Halloween weekend come later this week because today is Music Monday.

I had a ‘Godwink” when it came to choosing this weeks song because it was strange how different people in my life kept talking about this song especially now.  Perfect timing as well because this artist just announced he will be coming back to perform in Music City after a decade.  Some of you may have guessed who my artist is, this week, for my song, I chose “Unanswered Prayers,” by Garth Brooks.

I moved to Nashville with the high hopes of getting one job I had interviewed for while I was visiting.  This job was what I asked for each night in my prayers because I thought if I landed it, my dreams would slowly come true.  Well, the job ended up falling through just as I got here.  I was a bit devastated at first because it was the greatest promise I had to take the next step towards my dreams.  A few days went by, and  out of the blue, I got a call from a contact with good news about a job opening.  As the main line of the song goes, “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.” To say the least I am glad the first job didn’t come through because I love where I have ended up.

“Just because he doesn’t answer, doesn’t mean he don’t care.”  God does answer, but sometimes it isn’t in the way you expected.  Think back to a time when all you prayed for was one thing.  Now when you didn’t get it, did all things turn out bad or was there something better in store for you?

“Some of God’s greatest gifts are all too often unanswered,” is the second to last line of the song.  Think about it, and look back at your own life and experiences.  Next time that one job or love doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, just wait.  Especially, as time passes, it is key to look back to learn the unanswered prayers turned out for the better.

As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫


Don’t Forget To Remember Me

Happy Music Monday,

I have embarked on a new chapter in my life as of this weekend and this new beginning has brought about my latest installment on the blog.  Every week I am going to pick a song of the week.  I am going to base my decision on three things:  1.) The lyrics of the song, 2.) How it is currently relating to my life, 3.) The universal message, which I feel is portrayed in the lyrics.

My pick for this week, Carrie Underwood’s, “Don’t Forget To Remember Me,” written by Morgan Hayes, Kelley Lovelace, and Ashley Gorley featured on her debut album Some Hearts. The lyrics of “Don’t Forget To Remember Me,” are resonating very strongly during this time because of where I am at in my life.  I have recently embarked on the chapter of my life and the song just describes everything perfectly.  Just as Carrie Underwood and her Mom have a best friend relationship, my Mom and I share the same relationship.

“Before you hit the highway, you better stop for gas.  And there’s a 50 in the ashtray, in case you run short on cash,” these few words right from the beginning of the song reminded me of my Mom because it is exactly what she does to watch out for her baby girl.  I sometimes have managed to sneak the money back in Mama’s purse because I am just like her in terms of caring for my family above all else.

As I listen the song while writing there is another line, which touches my heart deeply, “And make sure you tell Daddy that I’m still his little girl.  Yeah I still feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be.”  Daddy and I have a relationship where I know he is proud even when he doesn’t say anything.  Sometimes he may question where I am because I am going against all odds, but I know there is a reason for me being where I am today.

There is a deep message connecting fans of the song through the story of a young individual just starting out in life.  It is from Underwood’s perspective as a young female, but I thing men can relate as well.  We all begin somewhere in our lives.  We all say bye to our respective parents to begin our own lives.  Mama looks out for her babies and Daddy keeps tough, as he wants you to know he is proud, but will question the decisions made.

Keep those ears entertained bloggers.


Chelsea  ♫


*The lyrics to “Don’t Forget To Remember Me,” were accessed from Carrie Underwoods album Some Hearts


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