Chasing Summer CD Release Party

Happy Music Monday,

Hey Music Lovers it has been a while since I last wrote and I do sincerely apologize.   But I promise the wait was well worth it  as I have come to love the term -it is Music Monday!   And hey Nashville, perk up those ears and mark those calendars for this Thursday, February 9th because you absolutely do NOT want to miss all the action at The Listening Room.

This Thursday, Chasing Summer will be taking the stage at The Listening Room for their CD Release Party.  The show begins at 8:00pm and you can get more details by clicking on your official invite, provided right here.   You’re Invited:   Chasing Summer CD Release Party  8:00 PM The Listening Room

Chasing Summer is comprised of Tammy Rochelle and Joseph Bamber.   This acoustic folk duo was born through a series of love story events. These two talented musicians share a beautiful journey and a romantic beginning unfolded before their eyes. A mutual friend introduced the two and after having a first date over crepes and coffee in Nashville, both knew something musical and magical was on the horizon.

In the short time since their clan destined meeting, Chasing Summer has already accumulated some substantial performances not only in the USA, but also in Europe.   Last year (2011), Joseph & Tammy performed in Nicaragua, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, as well as here at home in Nashville, a brilliant beginning for the blossoming talent of Chasing Summer.   Their performance credits include The World’s Fair Expo Pavilion of Hope (Hannover, Germany), Music City/ Country Music Marathon (Nashville, TN), and OneHope (Eastern Europe) just to name a few.   There is no sign of slowing down either!   Chasing Summer already has a packed summer tour overseas.

Be sure to mark your calendars and come out to see Chasing Summer this Thursday, February 9th  at The Listening Room.  You do not want to miss this amazing act!





Coffeehouse Concert with Mackenzie Ruth Scott & Tammy Rochelle

Good Day Music Lovers,

It is a tad bit chilly out today and Nashville is expecting some snow tonight.  Snow, that’s alright by me.  Today I am in a good mood.  It is one of those moods where everything around me is beautiful for no reason at all.

Saturday night was my first show of 2011. It felt great to be back out and about in Music City.  Two very talented performers took the stage at Casablanca Coffee.  Mackenzie Ruth Scott was the opening performer of the evening.  This young woman is only 19 years old, but her songs carry the wisdom of woman who is very wise beyond her years.  Nashville based folk singer Tammy Rochelle was the headliner of the evening.  If you are ever looking for a mix of upbeat Sara Barille with originality you have found it with Rochelle.

Scott opened her set with a cover of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” originally performed by Johnny Cash.  Now, usually I am not fond of covers but Scott did a fantastic job of really capturing the song.  I am quite sure Mr. Cash himself would have been impressed.  The opening song was the only cover we would hear from Scott.  Scott’s most memorable songs that night were the originals written from personal experience.  My favorite song from Scott was “Charade Parade.”  “Charade Parade,” has lyrics, which are captivating to the ear.  The message behind the song has such a universal message.  You ever have those days where you put a smile on your face, even when you’re not doing ok.  One of my other favorite songs from this talented young artist was her very personal song titled “Moon and Back.”  Scott was adopted at a very young age and for one of her birthdays she was given her birth mom’s journal.  “Moon and Back,” talks about how her mom gave her to a family, who expressed their love from the moon and back.

Rochelle took the stage after Scott and kept the energy flowing from beginning to end.  Rochelle has a very personable stage presence, where everyone in the audience feels as though they are in their own living room listening to their friend perform just for them.  Rochelle opened her set with her upbeat song, “Liberty Spoke To Me.”  This song is one where you hear it come across and you can’t help but tap your foot to the beat.  One of my favorite songs of Rochelle’s set was “Palm Of Your Hand.”  This song is very heartfelt and you can just feel the emotion put behind the lyrics.  Rochelle wrapped up the set with the same amount of energy if not more.

Next time either of these two talented young woman are performing, I highly recommend you come out to the show.


As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.



Chelsea ♫


Songs for the Cure

Good Day Music Lovers,

Wow, it is already Saturday!  This week flew by faster than the blink of an eye.  Anyone going to any shows this weekend?  I haven’t decided where to go yet. It depends on what is going on around town, and there is always so much to choose from.  There are many reasons I love Nashville and, I have mentioned before my main reason for loving this city.  The number one reason I fell in love with Nashville is there is a true community here, spanning from the top A list artists down to the everyday person.  Never in my life have I attended as many benefits for little to no cost. No more than a small donation and, I have had the opportunity to catch top headlining acts donating time to worthy  causes.  I love the fact that Country artists are very down to Earth and they look out for their ‘neighbors.’

This past Wednesday, I attended Songs for the Cure hosted by Storme Warren at The Red Rooster right off of Music Row.  The evening was filled with many great surprises and amazingly talented artists, all there to support Songs for the Cure.  Prior to this evening I had not known much about Songs for the Cure.

Here’s a little background.  Songs for the Cure was started by Nile “Big Daddy” Peaytt to help families who are struggling with the fight against cancer.  The charity focuses on helping those families with children battling the dreaded disease.  I find it very admirable because if we can end cancer in children, imagine how this world will be years from now.  Peaytt has made it his mission to help end childhood cancer and with the incredible support and events Songs for the Cure has, I believe this goal is achievable.   I admire  how the charity directly has the money linked to a face.  I support national chairites and I have great respect for what they do, but when you have a local charity such as Songs for the Cure you actually see the cause helping someone who lives in your community.  You help your neighbor because you know one day, if you need support,  they will be there for you.

The night was filled with songwriters who have written some of Country music’s biggest hits.  Attending and entertaining us was Dave Berg who wrote “Stupid Boy,” Lee Thomas Miller writer of hits such as “I’m Still A Guy,”  and Matt Warren the writer behind many of Gary Allen’s hits along with many other artists gracing the stage.  Other performers that evening included Erin Ashley, A Fifth of Jack, Chas Sanford, Billy Yates, Brice Long, Bart Allmand, Jayce Hein, Melody Guy, Chris Compton, Johanna Jacobson, and Restless Heart. There were even some surprises.  Restless Heart was amazing enough in the line up, but Songs for the Cure had a surprise up their sleeve. Near the end of the evening, two specials guests showed up, Amy Grant and Vince Gill!  I always say, “Only in Nashville can you be in at a benefit show which only asks for a small donation, and you will have nationally recognized country artists come and perform.”  What a wonderful evening it was. Maybe the next time Songs for the Cure has an event planned, more will attend to add to this wonderful mission.

This is why I call Nashville my home and community.  Music City is a big city with a hometown feel. Can you truly ask for anything better?  I think not.

Until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫


Trace Adkins and Craig Morgan Give Thanks

Good Morning,

I truly cannot believe how fast time has been flying since my journey began in Music City.  There is not a moment I have taken for granted in this beautiful city, which I now call home.  There is one reason I sincerely love calling Nashville my home. It is because of the genuine ‘community’ which exists in everyone.  Just this past May, Nashville was devastated by flood. Just 6 months later, one would hardly be able to tell the extent of the damage with a quick glance.  This progress came through the community. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and got to work as soon as the rain clouds vacated.

Not only was it everyday folks out tearing up carpets, rebuilding drywall, and taking care of fellow neighbors, many Country Artists were right alongside helping.  Not only was there a contribution of labor on the forefront, many artists donated proceeds from tours, merchandise, time, and personal donations to the Middle Tennessee Flood Relief Fund.  Opryland Resort reopened its doors this week after being closed for six months due to damage.  Last night, Opryland Resort thanked all the volunteers and nonprofits in Tennessee with a free benefit concert with great performances by Craig Morgan and Trace Adkins.  This event was spectacular as Gaylord Entertainment setup the evening to resemble an outside carnival for all the family to enjoy.  Free games to win stuffed animals were available for all ages, and dinner was donated by the hotel as they provided the traditional fairground food of peanuts, hamburgers, soft pretzels, hot dogs, and more.

Gaylord Entertainment CEO, Jim Reed and Nashville Mayor, Karl Dean, began the events of the evening by thanking all attendees.  A short clip of different volunteer projects was displayed before singer Craig Morgan took to the stage.  Morgan kicked off the evening’s concert with his hit song “Bonfire.”  He had the crowd singing along by the second round of the chorus with his energy level.  Morgan also played two of my other favorites “This Ain’t Nothing,” and “International Harvester.”

Trace Adkins took the stage shortly after Morgan’s performance and kept the party going.  Adkins performed many of his true cowboy chart hits such as the recently named Music Event at CMA 2010, “Hillbilly Bone,” “Marry for Money,” and “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”  He also kept a sentimental feeling in the air as he played guitar to his many love songs such as “This Ain’t No Love Song,””One In A Million,” and “All I Ask For Anymore.”  Adkins is one of those country artists you need to experience at a live show because his talent is truly displayed.   No CD can capture the deep-to-the-soul voice of Trace singing in person!

The whole night was amazing and it has climbed as one of my favorite thus far as my life begins to unfold in Nashville.  There is nothing better than being part of a sincere community that cares for each other. My thanks to Gaylord Enertainment, Trace Adkins, and Craig Morgan for an unforgetable evening!

As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫



Unanswered Prayers

Hey Music Lovers,

It’s Music Monday!  Hope you all had a ‘spooktacular’ weekend and got lots of candy or at least had lots of fun.  This was my first Halloween in Music City, all I can say is “Wow!”  The ghost, goblins, bugs, and beetles were out amongst the football stars, beauty queens, and princesses on downtown Broadway.  I will talk about Halloween weekend come later this week because today is Music Monday.

I had a ‘Godwink” when it came to choosing this weeks song because it was strange how different people in my life kept talking about this song especially now.  Perfect timing as well because this artist just announced he will be coming back to perform in Music City after a decade.  Some of you may have guessed who my artist is, this week, for my song, I chose “Unanswered Prayers,” by Garth Brooks.

I moved to Nashville with the high hopes of getting one job I had interviewed for while I was visiting.  This job was what I asked for each night in my prayers because I thought if I landed it, my dreams would slowly come true.  Well, the job ended up falling through just as I got here.  I was a bit devastated at first because it was the greatest promise I had to take the next step towards my dreams.  A few days went by, and  out of the blue, I got a call from a contact with good news about a job opening.  As the main line of the song goes, “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.” To say the least I am glad the first job didn’t come through because I love where I have ended up.

“Just because he doesn’t answer, doesn’t mean he don’t care.”  God does answer, but sometimes it isn’t in the way you expected.  Think back to a time when all you prayed for was one thing.  Now when you didn’t get it, did all things turn out bad or was there something better in store for you?

“Some of God’s greatest gifts are all too often unanswered,” is the second to last line of the song.  Think about it, and look back at your own life and experiences.  Next time that one job or love doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, just wait.  Especially, as time passes, it is key to look back to learn the unanswered prayers turned out for the better.

As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫


Tunes All Around Music City

Hey Music Lovers,

It is already Thursday, wow does time fly.  We are already near the end of October.  Scary to think about with how time seems to escape us.  How has your week been?  Mine has been jam packed with music, just the way I love it.

The past two nights I have had the opportunity to attend magnificent shows in Music City.  On Tuesday night (October 19), I attended The FUNL Filled Double Feature featuring artists Amber Hayes and Ty Herndon.  In a play on the name, FUNL offered free funnel cakes at the show.  Very cool idea!  Guerrilla marketing at its finest.  Both Hayes and Herndon displayed true talent at Mercy Lounge.  Hayes talent was showcased beautifully through her latest single, “C’Mon.”  Hayes debuted “C’Mon,” just a few months ago.  For all the girls looking for a fun song to dance to be sure to checkout this track.  Shortly after Hayes ended her set, Ty Herndon took to the stage.  Herndon has three no. 1 hits credited to his name:  “Living In A Moment,” “It Must Be Love,” and “What Mattered Most.”  His latest album, Journey On, is one music lovers must pick up.  If I had to pick one favorite song of the evening, “Don’t Pass Me By,” resonated with me the most.  In this fast paced world, life seems to pass in the blink of an eye.  This song reminds us to take a moment and ‘smell the roses; in a sense.’  There is one more song I must mention from one of Herndon’s earlier releases, “A Man Holdin’ On (To A Woman Letting Go).”  All of Herndon’s songs have such deep personal connections.  Journey On, is one of those albums which will put a sense of meaning in your life after listening.

Wednesday night (October 20), was my first trip out to 3rd&Lindsley to see Watson & Nash perform.  If you remember from Monday, Watson & Nash got my pick for song of the week with “Runnin Blind.”  Watson & Nash is one band you should catch Live because their talent is greatly displayed on their album, but magnify that talent by ten and you have their live performance.  During their live performance the two just display such energy and passion for the music they perform.  Two of my favorite songs performed during the live show were “Tough People Do” and “Little Solider.”  Don’t worry if you missed this appearance.  Watson & Nash will be back at 3rd & Lindsley, a popular music spot in Nashville, on Thursday, November 11th at 6pm.  You don’t want to miss this show LIVE! For more information on Watson & Nash be sure to visit  Also, follow them on twitter for the most up to date information.

I want to hear from you now.  I love providing you with the latest concert reviews and my favorite lyrics, but now it is time for me to get feedback.  Do you know of any good shows I should checkout?  How about artists and songs?  Leave me a comment, I do respond.

Until next time bloggers, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫


Runnin Blind

Happy Music Monday,

It’s a beautiful start to the week.  The sun is shining high in the sky, what a magnificent way to begin.  It was hard to pick my song of the week this time because of the artists behind the music.  My pick is by artists Watson & Nash off their album, Mile Markers. All the tracks on this album are so well written both lyrically and melodically, which is what made it so hard to choose just one.

My pick for this week, as you guessed is by Watson & Nash titled “Runnin Blind.”  The first attraction to the song was the line, “Taking my chances and livin’ on luck.”  That line is what got my ears to pay close attention to the lyrics.  It connected with me personally because I took a huge leap of luck in moving my whole life to pursue my passion and dream of working in Country music.  I have goals that I want to achieve and luck is what has lead me down this path.

“With every mile a mystery.  I’ll take what it brings to me.  Call me crazy, that’s ok.”  When I heard these words in the song they were perfect.  At this current time, I am taking the days as they come and I never truly know what is going to come about.  “With every mile a mystery,” fits into my life.  Each day I wake up with a general idea of what is going on and as the day progresses each meeting, outing, or anything is leading to another mile.

This song conveys motivation to go after the dreams you wish to achieve.  I use to be one who always had a plan for everyday, but right now as I pursue my dreams I am “Runnin Blind.”  Have you ever felt like this in your life?  In pursuit of our dreams and the life we want sometimes we have to go on the path blindly.   It reminds me of a great quote by Muriel Strode.  She once spoke, “I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.”  I leave you with that to think about.  Don’t be afraid to take the path, which is unlit because somewhere along the way the light will shine for you to follow. (© Chelsea Kempchinsky)

Checkout other songs by Watson & Nash featured on their album, Mile Markers, at  Leave a comment with what you think.  Also, for all of you who are in the Nashville area or will be this week, Watson & Nash will be performing this Wednesday, October 20.  The show starts at 6pm at 3rd & Lindsley.  For directions be sure to checkout,  This is one show you don’t want to miss in Music City.

As always bloggers keep those ears entertained bloggers.


Chelsea  ♫

*Lyrics are owned by Watson & Nash

Third Annual Capitol Street Party

Happy Thursday,

Wooohoo, it is the weekend in just a bit.  Wow, the time just flew by for me this week.  Not surprising with all the changes, which have occurred in my life this past week.  Would love to hear how your week was, care to share?

Only in Nashville can you walk down to Music Row on a Wednesday night to catch a show with four major recording artists.  The best thing of it all, it is the cost was 100% Free.  This is why I love this city!  Last night, October 13, was Capitol Records third annual Capitol Street Party.  The event is hosted by major recording label Capitol Records, home to many famous musicians in many genres of music.

The lineup was jam packed with talent.  Newcomer, Jennette McCurdy, best known for her act on iCarly got the party started.  McCurdy was on target as she got the crowd revved for the music packed evening ahead.  My favorite song from her set was her current single, “Not That Far Away.”  Troy Olsen kept the crowd on their toes as he took the stage shortly after McCurdy.  Olsen is very entertaining on stage and fit right into the lineup.  As long as he keeps playing that guitar he is one artist that is sure to stay.  Olsen’s single “Good Hands,” had the crowd singing the song word for word along with him.

The party was just getting underway as Luke Bryan was up next.  Bryan had the ladies screaming and the men rooting before he even took to the stage.  He turned this Country show into all out Country Rock fest.  The crowd sang along as he did his best-known hits “Someone Else Calling You Baby,” “We Rode In Trucks,” “Rain Is A Good Thing,” and “Do I.”  Bryan got the crowd rocking as he covered Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

Last, but certainly not least, was the talented Darius Rucker.  Rucker played many of his top hits.  The crowd literally did not stop singing along throughout Rucker’s entire set.  Many of his hits played included “History In The Making,” “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It,” “It Won’t Be Like This For Long,” “Alright,” and “Come Back Song.”   Rucker had a surprise for the crowd as in the middle of his performance he introduced Keith Urban.  Urban joined Rucker in his a cover of Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker,” and Urban’s hit “Raining On Sunday.”  Rucker closed the evening out with one of my all time favorite songs, “Purple Rain.”  Perfect song to end a perfect evening!

Music City is the only place where you can experience an amazing show at no cost.  I want to hear from you, if you were at the show I want to know your thoughts.  Who was your favorite of the night?  Wish anyone else was in the lineup?  What did you think of Keith Urban coming by?

As always keep those ears entertained bloggers.


Chelsea  ♫

A Taste of Music City

Happy Thursday,

Yesterday, was a perfect day to get ready for the autumn weather coming our way.  After the beautiful summer NEPA experienced, I am looking forward to the fall weather.  Last week I had the opportunity to travel down South to Music City.

Temperatures in Nashville, TN last week were well up into the 80’s and above the whole time.  If you have yet to travel to Music City, I highly recommend taking a trip.  When you travel to Nashville music is on just about every block and it is one place where you will have an unforgettable concert experience.

Monday evening was the second night in town and as I was about to Tweet my plans, I came across news about a benefit concert at The Tin Roof.  I headed to the famous Music Row location to catch amazing talent.  The evening included four very well known musicians, CMA Nominee Jerrod Niemann, Chart Breaker Lee Brice, Famous Songwriter D. Vincent Williams, and Country singer Chris Cagle.  The four talented artists were putting on a benefit to help a friend who lost his home in the May flood.  This is what I truly admire about artists in Country music, they came out not asking for a dime for themselves, but instead just asked concert goers to help out their ordinary friend.

The four were energetic throughout the entire night as they fed off the crowds energy.  Each performer did four songs and my favorite of the nights from each artist.  Cagle had the crowd singing along to “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out,” Williams performed his top hit recorded by Rascal Flatts, “I’m Moving On,” Niemann belted out “One More Drinking Song,” to keep the crowd level on high and Brice captured the crowd as he performed “Love Like Crazy.”

All performers were on their ‘A’ game keeping the crowd engaged during the whole show from start to finish.  If you get the chance to visit this amazing city be sure to look out for the local places that is where you will find those memorable moments.

Keep those ears entertained bloggers.


Chelsea  ♫

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