Night Walks

Happy Monday Music Lovers,

Sorry I was absent last Monday, but it was a holiday and I needed to recharge my batteries in the beautiful weather Nashville got to experience.  I hope you all took time to care for yourself as well.  We all need those days to just sit back and relax.  Especially at times I know how crazy a schedule can get.  Saturday was My Uncle Gabe’s 7th Birthday in Heaven, which is what lead me to my pick for this Music Monday.  I chose “Night Walks,” performed by singer songwriter Nick Motil.

If tears could build a stairway,

And memories build a road,

I’d climb those stairs to heaven and bring you home, on my own

When we lose someone in our lives we always think back to all the memories we shared together.  Good memories, bad memories, and those memories spark tears because we know we will no longer be able to make more memories with that person.  Tears sneak up on me at times when I am extremely happy and I wish I could share the news with my Uncle. Tears sneak up when I realize he isn’t here to see how his children have grown, he’s a grandfather-do you think he knows?

I wonder which star is yours ’cause

I get so damn tired of talking to the moon.

This is my favorite line of the song.  During those peaceful and calm nights when the stars are shining brightly, I like to just sit outside alone and talk to the stars.  I talk as though I am talking to the Heavens, Uncle Gabe is listening, he was a great listener,  and he is the brightest star shining in the sky. I want to leave this blog off with the last few lines of the song because I want you to tell me how you feel.

And I’m alone on my night walks,

I get lost on my night walks…

Lost with you


As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫



2010 Fallfest Concert Review

Happy Music Monday,

It is the first Monday of October, which means it’s the first Music Monday of the month.  I have been cranking up the tunes ever since I woke up this morning.  My playlist of the day has artists such as Jerrod Niemann, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Jake Owen, Jimmy Wayne, Patty Loveless, and Patsy Cline among others.

My ears were entertained yesterday at The Big I 105’s Fallfest event held in Lancaster, PA.  Fallfest is a traditional event that takes place on the first Sunday of October.  For all those who have yet to attend Fallfest let me provide you with a little insight.  One of the main reasons you want to mark your calendar for next year’s Fallfest is the simple fact  this event is FREE.   Each year there are about five artists and one is the Feature Artist of Fallfest.  The Feature  Artist is usually one who has many new happenings in the coming year.

This year’s Fallfest was a record breaker with crowd attendance, on Sunday, October 3, of more than 60,000 concertgoers.  Fallfest 2010’s line up included Josh Gracin, The Band Perry, Jerrod Niemann, Jake Owen, and Gretchen Wilson.

Josh Gracin was the first artist of the day as he took the stage and played many of his classic hits, but also graced the crowd with new music.  My favorite from Gracin was his song “I Want To Live.”  The lyrics within the song are what make me feel most connected.  The Band Perry was up next as they took the stage shortly after and got the crowd moving with their get up and dance hit, “Hip To My Heart.”  The Band Perry had a rocking set because as I looked around the crowd you could see so many youngsters with their Mom & Dad just dancing away.  Many held one another close as The Band Perry closed with their heart touching song, “If I Die Young.”  Jerrod Niemann followed The Band Perry and got the crowd laughing as he played Robert Earl King’s “Bucking Song.”  Each time he sang the songs main line many concertgoers couldn’t help but laugh.  This is Niemann’s third stop in PA in little less than a month as he has done many shows in different parts of PA.  Niemann also sang his newest release from his debut album, “What Do You Want.”  This soulful hit had the crowd cheering along as he introduced the song.  “Your ex only calls you for three reasons, 1. You haven’t called them so you haven’t fulfilled their quota of begging for them back, 2. They want to rub it in your face that you are having a better life, 3. They are lonely and want some loving,” not Niemann’s exact words, but close enough.  Owen kept the crowd singing along as he hit the stage and started off with his famous hit “Yee-Haw.”  The best part of Owen’s set was when he sang “Happy Birthday,” to Lindsey who turned 27.

Up after Owen was the Feature Artist of the night, Redneck woman Gretchen Wilson.  Wilson got the crowd singing along from the start as she opened her set with “Here For the Party.”  I never had the chance to see Wilson in concert before, but I am glad she was at Fallfest this year.  Wilson’s concerts are filled with energy, fun, and true connections with the fans as she performs.   As the crowd was freezing in the field Wilson was on stage heating things up in her tall black boots and black tank top..  With the energy she had on stage a long sleeve shirt wasn’t necessary to stay warm.  Wilson did a great cover of Foreigner’s song “Hot Blooded.”  But no one would be happy if Wilson didn’t play the song we all know her for as the band began the first riff all the women in the audience cheered as she started belting out “Redneck Woman.”

Keep those ears entertained bloggers.


Chelsea  ♫

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