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Happy Music Monday,

It feels good to be back in the writing mode, hit a bit of a writer’s block and a bit of a mental slump, but I am back.  Today is the perfect day to distract myself as well.  The weather in Nashville was beautiful all weekend long.  I find the weekends, which are gorgeous, fly by way to fast.  I got to enjoy a fun weekend filled with good times, laughter, and memories.  Would enjoy hearing how your weekend was?

So I know I already did a blog on Sugarland in regards to one of their songs this year, but their song “Little Miss,” has been catching my ear over and over at the right moments when I needed to hear it most.

Little miss, I’ll get tough, don’t you worry about me anymore

The third line into the song pulled me right in the first time I heard the song on the radio.   We all get our heartbroken, we sometimes get pushed around, and  more, but every time we stand back up we get stronger.  It is tough in itself to have thick skin and to not let things bother you so we just keep building up more and more each time.

Little miss, I’ll take less when I always give so much more

I know so many people who give, give, and give without ever asking for anything in return.  One of my best friends  has a heart of gold and this little woman is always there for her friends, her family, and is so strong throughout everything.

Little miss, hide your scars

Little miss, who you are is so much more than you like to talk about

Everyone has a past, no one is perfect and we shouldn’t strive to be.  Mistakes and scars are apart of life.  They tell our life story and form who we are.  We learn, we move on, and we don’t always want to look back on the tough parts of the past. We should because they tells us a lot about ourselves, about our resilience.

The lyrics of Sugarland’s song has connected with a vast amount of fans.  Fans were the ones who actually made a personal project and video.   Checkout the inspiration behind the lyrics at Jennifer’s blog, once you finish reading her blog explore Sugarland’s website and listen to all the different connections to Little Miss.  Very inspiring.

As always music lovers, until next time keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea  ♫



Runnin Blind

Happy Music Monday,

It’s a beautiful start to the week.  The sun is shining high in the sky, what a magnificent way to begin.  It was hard to pick my song of the week this time because of the artists behind the music.  My pick is by artists Watson & Nash off their album, Mile Markers. All the tracks on this album are so well written both lyrically and melodically, which is what made it so hard to choose just one.

My pick for this week, as you guessed is by Watson & Nash titled “Runnin Blind.”  The first attraction to the song was the line, “Taking my chances and livin’ on luck.”  That line is what got my ears to pay close attention to the lyrics.  It connected with me personally because I took a huge leap of luck in moving my whole life to pursue my passion and dream of working in Country music.  I have goals that I want to achieve and luck is what has lead me down this path.

“With every mile a mystery.  I’ll take what it brings to me.  Call me crazy, that’s ok.”  When I heard these words in the song they were perfect.  At this current time, I am taking the days as they come and I never truly know what is going to come about.  “With every mile a mystery,” fits into my life.  Each day I wake up with a general idea of what is going on and as the day progresses each meeting, outing, or anything is leading to another mile.

This song conveys motivation to go after the dreams you wish to achieve.  I use to be one who always had a plan for everyday, but right now as I pursue my dreams I am “Runnin Blind.”  Have you ever felt like this in your life?  In pursuit of our dreams and the life we want sometimes we have to go on the path blindly.   It reminds me of a great quote by Muriel Strode.  She once spoke, “I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.”  I leave you with that to think about.  Don’t be afraid to take the path, which is unlit because somewhere along the way the light will shine for you to follow. (© Chelsea Kempchinsky)

Checkout other songs by Watson & Nash featured on their album, Mile Markers, at  Leave a comment with what you think.  Also, for all of you who are in the Nashville area or will be this week, Watson & Nash will be performing this Wednesday, October 20.  The show starts at 6pm at 3rd & Lindsley.  For directions be sure to checkout,  This is one show you don’t want to miss in Music City.

As always bloggers keep those ears entertained bloggers.


Chelsea  ♫

*Lyrics are owned by Watson & Nash

Country Music Hits the Fair Grounds of NEPA

Good Afternoon Bloggers,

Hope you all are feeling well rested after the three-day weekend.  Labor day was filled with a nice break and time to spend with friends and family.   The music scene is thriving in NEPA right now as the Allentown Fair wraps up and the Bloomsburg Fair is just a few weeks away.

The Allentown Fair was filled with headliners from Tuesday, August 31st until Monday, September 6th.  The lineup included acts such as Rush, Weezer, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, and Justin Bieber.   Two of my favorite shows at the Allentown Fair were Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban.  What can I say, “I’m a Country girl at heart.”

Lady Antebellum was the first Country act in the line up on Thursday, September 2nd for the 2010 fair schedule and they did not disappoint.  Opening act, Danny Gokey got the crowd ready for a Country night with song such as “Crazy Not To Go” and “My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me.”  Gokey couldn’t leave the stage without singing his Country Top 40 Hit “I Will Not Say Goodbye.”  Lady A put on one heck of a show with chart topping hits such as, “Need You Now,” “Looking For A Good Time,” and “Stars Tonight,” among others.

Keith Urban was an amazing act to catch on Friday, September 3rd, with opening act Kris Allen.  Allen was on his ‘A’ game Friday night entertaining the crowd with “Can’t Stay Away” and “Live Like You Were Dying.”  Keith Urban took the stage shortly after Allen’s opening keeping the crowd on their feet well into the night.  Urban opened with one of my personal favorites, “Kiss The Girl.”  Soon after, he let the crowd take over with “You’re My Better Half.”  Some of his other hits played that night included Chart-toppers such as “Till Summer Comes Around,” “Stupid Boy,” and “Making Memories.”

Now I can’t wait for the Bloomsburg Fair with Lady Antebellum making their return to NEPA to kickoff the concert series.  Other Country acts for the fair include David Nail, Craig Morgan, and Gloriana.  I am truly looking forward to catching all these talented musicians.  I know my ears won’t be disappointed.

Keep those ears entertained bloggers.


Chelsea  ♫

Concert Review: Jerrod Niemann and Randy Travis

Happy Monday,

The weather makes going back to work not so bad since it isn’t as beautiful as this past weekend. It was Country week in NEPA this last week as Jerrod Niemann and Randy Travis performed in the area. What a treat for all Country fans! I would love more weeks like this with Country stars back to back.

Rising Country artist, Jerrod Niemann kicked off the week at Rodano’s in downtown Wilkes Barre on Wednesday, August 18. Niemann was fantastic that evening entertaining the crowd with songs featured on his debut album Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury, along with many other hits by artists such as Blake Shelton and John Anderson. Niemann did not disappoint as he played two favorite songs off the album, “What Do You Want” and the recent Gold single “Lover, Lover.” I don’t know about you, but “Lover, Lover” is just one of those tracks you just can’t help dancing too. If you ever need a pick me up in the day, I suggest playing some “Lover, Lover,” to make you smile.

Country Legend Randy Travis got the weekend started right with his performance at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs on Friday, August 20. The weather could not have been better on Friday evening. With a light breeze in the air and a backdrop of bright stars and a beautiful moon above, Travis performed for a record-breaking audience of about 4,500 for the Hot Summer Fun Concert Series this summer at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. Travis started the night out with “Better Class of Losers.” Throughout the night Travis entertained the audience with many of his chart topping hits such as “Diggin’ Up Bones,” “ (There Will Be) Peace in the Valley for Me,” “I Told You So,” and “Three Wooden Crosses.” To close out the evening Travis sang his 1987 CMA Single of the Year “Forever and Ever, Amen.”

Both artists were fantastic! I highly recommend catching these great Country Singers in concert. Jerrod Niemann has a slue of radio shows over the next month and will be heading out on tour with Gary Allan beginning on September 9 of this year. Fans have plenty of opportunities to catch Randy Travis with a handful of casino dates well into October. If you were at either of the shows I would enjoy hearing your feedback.



Country Week in NEPA

NEPA Country Fans,

It is Country week in NEPA as Jerrod Niemann makes his way into Wilkes Barre tonight, August 18 at Rodano’s at 8pm.  Then the week closes out with Randy Travis on Friday, August 20 at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs at 8pm.

Artist Jerrod Niemann is not new to the Country Music scene, but his voice is a fresh sound to the Country Airwaves.  Niemann got his start in Country Music as a songwriter working with artists such as Garth Brooks and Jamey Johnson. *  His debut album Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury hit stores earlier this summer on July 13, with the hit “Lover, Lover.”  I myself am impressed with the talent Niemann displays on his debut album.  I have confidence the show tonight will be a treat and am looking forward to hearing Niemann perform.  Hopefully, aside from the catchy lyrics of “Lover, Lover” Niemann will grace us with the heartfelt lyrics of “What Do You Want.”

Country fans Niemann sets the stage for Country Legend Randy Travis who will kickoff yet another Hot Summer Fun weekend in NEPA at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.  As mentioned above, Travis will be performing at 8pm at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs on Friday August 20.   This is another great show I am looking forward to attending.  I have heard from many friends that Travis’s shows are essential to catch and this will surely be a great kickoff to my weekend.   I know Niemann would want to catch this show himself as he has mentioned Randy Travis as one of his influences.

Anyone going to either show?  I would love to hear feedback from you because I will be writing a concert review this weekend.



*All information to Jerrod Niemann was accessed at

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