Coffeehouse Concert with Mackenzie Ruth Scott & Tammy Rochelle

Good Day Music Lovers,

It is a tad bit chilly out today and Nashville is expecting some snow tonight.  Snow, that’s alright by me.  Today I am in a good mood.  It is one of those moods where everything around me is beautiful for no reason at all.

Saturday night was my first show of 2011. It felt great to be back out and about in Music City.  Two very talented performers took the stage at Casablanca Coffee.  Mackenzie Ruth Scott was the opening performer of the evening.  This young woman is only 19 years old, but her songs carry the wisdom of woman who is very wise beyond her years.  Nashville based folk singer Tammy Rochelle was the headliner of the evening.  If you are ever looking for a mix of upbeat Sara Barille with originality you have found it with Rochelle.

Scott opened her set with a cover of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” originally performed by Johnny Cash.  Now, usually I am not fond of covers but Scott did a fantastic job of really capturing the song.  I am quite sure Mr. Cash himself would have been impressed.  The opening song was the only cover we would hear from Scott.  Scott’s most memorable songs that night were the originals written from personal experience.  My favorite song from Scott was “Charade Parade.”  “Charade Parade,” has lyrics, which are captivating to the ear.  The message behind the song has such a universal message.  You ever have those days where you put a smile on your face, even when you’re not doing ok.  One of my other favorite songs from this talented young artist was her very personal song titled “Moon and Back.”  Scott was adopted at a very young age and for one of her birthdays she was given her birth mom’s journal.  “Moon and Back,” talks about how her mom gave her to a family, who expressed their love from the moon and back.

Rochelle took the stage after Scott and kept the energy flowing from beginning to end.  Rochelle has a very personable stage presence, where everyone in the audience feels as though they are in their own living room listening to their friend perform just for them.  Rochelle opened her set with her upbeat song, “Liberty Spoke To Me.”  This song is one where you hear it come across and you can’t help but tap your foot to the beat.  One of my favorite songs of Rochelle’s set was “Palm Of Your Hand.”  This song is very heartfelt and you can just feel the emotion put behind the lyrics.  Rochelle wrapped up the set with the same amount of energy if not more.

Next time either of these two talented young woman are performing, I highly recommend you come out to the show.


As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.



Chelsea ♫



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