One Last Christmas

Music Monday,

Wow, it is almost Christmas! I can’t believe it!  Who has finished their shopping?  I know I have tons more to do yet before next week.  I have gotten a bit wiser over the years, and I truly appreciate Christmas more.  It has taken on a whole new meaning this year due to so many good changes and blessings in my personal life.  As children, we think Christmas is about the presents under the tree, going to church, and seeing what Santa brought.  As I have gotten older, I realize Christmas isn’t about the presents under the tree.  Christmas holidays have become more of a time to treasure the time with family, friends, and everyone who comes into my life during the whole year and even the anticipation of the friends whom I have yet to meet.

This song and video made me understand how precious time is with loved ones in my life.  “One Last Christmas,” is performed and written by Matthew West from his newest album, The Story of Your Life. West took on a whole new meaning to providing music, which is truly about life, for his newest project.  West asked everyone to write to him  about the story of their life, and he composed songs relating to those stories.  That is how his new album has formed.  It conveys such a powerful message because it is about real people and real stories.

* “One Last Christmas,” is about a young boy named Dax who was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 13 months of age.  His parents were told he probably would not live to see Christmas day.  “One Last Christmas,” is about providing Dax that one last Christmas that he would forever remember and no one else would forget.

The opening of the song has the most powerful lyrics because West really gets deep into your heart.  “It’s the news that no one hopes for, every parent’s greatest fear.  Finding out the child you love so much, might not make it through the year.”  Parents pray nothing goes wrong in childbirth and they are so grateful having those special moments from the time they bring their child into the world and every moment thereafter.  The type of news Dax parents received, I cannot even begin to fathom.  What they felt in their hearts is evident in the video.

The second verse provides the listener with such warmth in their heart. “Middle of September, still seventy degrees.  Daddy climbs up in the attic, brings down candles, hangs the lights on all the trees.  Then the neighbors started asking, and pretty soon word got around.  First it was the neighborhood, before too long they lit up that whole town.”  Dax’s parents wanted to be sure their son would have one last Christmas so his parents began decorating their house to reflect the special time of year, a joyful time for most children.  Just as the song said, the whole neighborhood and town followed efforts to give Dax one last Christmas.  Dax’s smile was as bright as the Christmas lights!

The chorus in the song is what keeps your spirits high through this emotional song.  “For one last Christmas, one last time.  One last season when the world is right, one more telling of the story, one more verse of Silent Night.  They’d give anything so he could have, one last Christmas.”    The video is what makes the chorus come to life because West provides a glimpse into Dax’s life with home videos provided by the family.  You see how much love everyone had for this small child who would only grace their lives for a short period of time.  Dax was the apple of his daddy’s eye and mommy’s loving boy.

In Dax’s life, he has already touched so many lives in his short time on Earth.  Matthew West has created a story, which will open your heart to Dax even though he is no longer with us.  The day Dax passed, that dark December day, a tiny Angel gained his wings and he will forever watch over us, and remind us all what Christmas is truly about.  Christmas is about treasuring and remembering the moments we have with one another.

Now we all have a chance to own this one of a kind video, by making a small donation to St. Jude on Matthew West’s website,  The goal is to raise enough money to fund St. Jude for one day in memory of Dax.  He and his family received compassion and care from St Jude, free of charge.  They have almost reached the goal.  I have vowed to make a small donation, won’t you?

Everyone reading this, open your hearts this holiday season and treasure each person you have been blessed to meet in life.

Until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫

*Information on the story behind “One Last Christmas,” was accessed at MatthewWest.Com





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  1. Bobby
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 14:48:49

    Wow Chels, what a touching and heartfelt story. It’s amazing what stories are out there that we may never know about if not for someone like Matthew West having the inclination to search them out and bring them to the world. In this case, it’s so humbling to consider that somewhere out there, some ordinary family has had to endure a struggle like this. As adults, which is something you touched on quite well, we come to recognize and accept a lot of things, things we never could have imagined in our younger days when the world was about snacks, TV, playing with toys, and waiting for moms and dads to tuck us in. At some point, that innocence becomes swept away bit by bit. Sometimes, it’s to a less severe degree than others. But when I hear a story like this, the one thing that always happens to me is not just another portion of remaining innocence being chipped away, but also a sense that, like when we’re children, most of the problems we complain about in grown up lives from day to day are trivial. You complain about the ice on your windshield which forced you to go outside a few minutes earlier to warm your car up, or that the coffee in your mug went cold before you could finish it, or your newspaper wasn’t on your porch, so you had to walk out into the yard to retrieve it. A story like this, so vast in humility, makes you stop to consider how lucky we have are. It also makes you pull back and think that even the reasons behind those trivial problems we gripe about are blessings; So the ice is thick on your windshield and you have to go outside a few minutes early to warm it up so it all melts away- well good. Most times you have a ride to give to someone- a child, a parent, a neighbor, and ensuring your vehicle is kept after will only cause there to be a better drive for you both. You’re not just helping yourself to have a better, more pleasurable traveling experience, but the other person as well, so it’s a good deed at heart. Or the coffee going cold in your mug. So what. The phone rang and pulled you away right? Great, because do you know who it is that’s calling you? Probably a grandparent who suddenly thought of you that same morning and just wanted to check on how you’re doing. Or it’s your brother who you haven’t seen in a while and he wanted to wish you a happy holiday. And the paper was tossed in your yard instead of on the porch. Big deal. Go out into that yard, whether it’s bright and beautiful out or rainy and cold and just take a second to take it all in. Get a good look at the snowflakes falling slowly out of the sky or the way the icicles are hanging in a glisteny row along your garage, or underneath your mail box. These things happen because of nature, yes, but they also happen for a reason. God puts them there for you to see, just like all the people He puts in your life- so see them. See them for the miraculous blessings they are and know you’re that much more fortunate for having them, because somewhere else, there’s a family or another person who isn’t as blessed and who likely wishes they were the one standing where you are now, cleaning off that car, answering that loved one’s phone call, realizing the beauty of God’s world all around you, and any number of other things you find yourself gritting your teeth over at first. Realize those things and you have one common tie- they’re here for a reason! And for the sake of this medium, try putting them to music if you can, haha. Thanks for a wonderful blog this time Chelsea. God Bless And Happy Holidays To You And Everyone This Seasons, Sincerely, Bobby.


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