Music Monday Music Lovers (Even though it is Tuesday : ),

I apologize for being late with my latest Music Monday blog, but things are getting a bit hectic around the holiday season.  Had my first snowfall in Nashville this weekend and today we had an even greater dusting of the snow.  This week I didn’t pick a country tune, but these boys are based in Nashville.  This week I picked “Annie” by SafetySuit off of their debut album Life Left To Go.  “Annie,” has such a positive message within the lyrics and I think it is important for young girls to truly listen to the lyrics. Body image is highly skewed and both young women and young men feel constricted to look like the perfect models seen on magazine covers, in movies, and on billboards.  This song tells you to look inside and know you are beautiful for who you are.

“She had a smile that could light up a room.  And if she moved, it’d be moving you.  But it wasn’t like a magazine, she was just plain Jane.”  A smile is one of the first attributes that attracts me to another person because it is warming to see someone with a genuine smile.  A smile is the most beautiful and simple gesture we can share with others because you never know how much a simple smile can change a person’s attitude.  A true smile that can light up a room is one where the smile reaches from cheek to cheek with a twinkle in your eyes.  Magazines craft beautiful smiles, but at times you can notice they are not genuine when you look in the eyes of the model.

“Someone telling her she was fine and that’s not right.”  The first person who should be telling you about your beauty is yourself.  We are our own worst judges because we tend to be more critical than others and we turn a wicked eye on ourselves all the time.  When you learn to love yourself and know you are beautiful, that beauty will radiate and others will see it more and more.  Inner beauty begins by believing it yourself.

“Looks don’t make the world go round, but it comes around.”  We see it on a daily basis. We are pressured into looking a certain way because looks are everything, but we truly should not be viewed in that manner.  My point will be best defined through this example. Yes, you have an interview, so don’t go in looking like a slob.  Put time and effort into yourself and have respect for the person/s you will be interviewing with, but remember. Be nice to the front desk person because they are the ones you can have a small tidbit of information on how you will fit into the company.  Or if you see someone having a bad hair day, don’t call them out on it.  Instead compliment them on something else or ask if they need an ear to listen.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Judy Garland, “Be your own kind of beautiful.”  Also, please checkout this really great movement called Operation Beautiful.  We can start to teach each other we are beautiful by being the person we are, not some painted twig on the cover of a magazine.  They have great motivational uplifting messages about being comfortable in your own skin.

Until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫






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