Songs for the Cure

Good Day Music Lovers,

Wow, it is already Saturday!  This week flew by faster than the blink of an eye.  Anyone going to any shows this weekend?  I haven’t decided where to go yet. It depends on what is going on around town, and there is always so much to choose from.  There are many reasons I love Nashville and, I have mentioned before my main reason for loving this city.  The number one reason I fell in love with Nashville is there is a true community here, spanning from the top A list artists down to the everyday person.  Never in my life have I attended as many benefits for little to no cost. No more than a small donation and, I have had the opportunity to catch top headlining acts donating time to worthy  causes.  I love the fact that Country artists are very down to Earth and they look out for their ‘neighbors.’

This past Wednesday, I attended Songs for the Cure hosted by Storme Warren at The Red Rooster right off of Music Row.  The evening was filled with many great surprises and amazingly talented artists, all there to support Songs for the Cure.  Prior to this evening I had not known much about Songs for the Cure.

Here’s a little background.  Songs for the Cure was started by Nile “Big Daddy” Peaytt to help families who are struggling with the fight against cancer.  The charity focuses on helping those families with children battling the dreaded disease.  I find it very admirable because if we can end cancer in children, imagine how this world will be years from now.  Peaytt has made it his mission to help end childhood cancer and with the incredible support and events Songs for the Cure has, I believe this goal is achievable.   I admire  how the charity directly has the money linked to a face.  I support national chairites and I have great respect for what they do, but when you have a local charity such as Songs for the Cure you actually see the cause helping someone who lives in your community.  You help your neighbor because you know one day, if you need support,  they will be there for you.

The night was filled with songwriters who have written some of Country music’s biggest hits.  Attending and entertaining us was Dave Berg who wrote “Stupid Boy,” Lee Thomas Miller writer of hits such as “I’m Still A Guy,”  and Matt Warren the writer behind many of Gary Allen’s hits along with many other artists gracing the stage.  Other performers that evening included Erin Ashley, A Fifth of Jack, Chas Sanford, Billy Yates, Brice Long, Bart Allmand, Jayce Hein, Melody Guy, Chris Compton, Johanna Jacobson, and Restless Heart. There were even some surprises.  Restless Heart was amazing enough in the line up, but Songs for the Cure had a surprise up their sleeve. Near the end of the evening, two specials guests showed up, Amy Grant and Vince Gill!  I always say, “Only in Nashville can you be in at a benefit show which only asks for a small donation, and you will have nationally recognized country artists come and perform.”  What a wonderful evening it was. Maybe the next time Songs for the Cure has an event planned, more will attend to add to this wonderful mission.

This is why I call Nashville my home and community.  Music City is a big city with a hometown feel. Can you truly ask for anything better?  I think not.

Until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫



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  1. Bobby
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 15:05:03

    This sounds so cool, Chels. And you are right- only in Nashville. That must be true, because where else do you hear about these sorts of things happening on such a big level?! It’s wonderful knowing there are generous people out there who care about others. You and I can both relate to that small town, hometown feel you mentioned, and I think we also have the benefit of knowing in tight knit communities, there is always an added sense of appreciation when someone does a good deed for someone else. I was about to say ‘go out of their way’ to do a good deed, but we’ve been lucky enough and blessed to be raised in a way that suggests when good hearted people do something for another, it’s not ‘going out of their way’ at all. It simply becomes just one more nice thing they’ve done without asking anything in return. It’s not a favor or something they expect to be paid back for, but just a deed they performed because they knew it would help someone else. I’m hoping that in voicing my support for that lifestyle, others will feel compelled to support the Songs For The Cure initiative long into the future- just long enough, in fact, for a cure to be found. Thanks for another great blog and thanks for bringing this awesome bit of good news to our ears. Take Care, Bobby


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