A Gathering of Angels

Happy Thursday,

I cannot believe the holiday season is right around the corner. Time just seems to fly by faster each day.  There is one thing that sets Country music artists apart from the rest of the celebrities and that is their true compassion and caring for others. Since I have been in Nashville, I have attended more benefit concerts in the past month with top talent offering their time at no cost.  This past Monday (November 8th) I attended one such benefit, which truly touched my heart.

A Gathering of Angels, was hosted for The Salvation Army to bring attention to their Angel Tree Program.  A little background on the Angel Tree Program, this program is to help bring a Christmas to those who are not as blessed to receive gifts due to financial situations.

The talent was truly spectacular with artists Julie Roberts, Ty Herndon, Daniel Kirkley, Restless Heart, Matthew West, The Nashville Choir, and Danielle Kingsley, and Jimmy Wayne.  The beautiful Miss Jennifer Vickery from GAC was the MC for the evening.  Only in Nashville have I found talent in a small local church where an audience can actually feel engaged with the artists on stage.

Julie Roberts, Ty Herndon, and Daniel Kirkley kicked off the evening.  This was my second time seeing Herndon in concert, as I was fortunate enough to attend his showcase with FUNL.  Herndon was amazing yet again with his beautiful songs “Living In A Moment” and “Journey On.”  Julie Roberts is one of the most petite artists with an amazing voice.  “Don’t Let Me Break Down Here,” was her most memorable song from the evening.  Daniel Kirkley kept the trio balanced with his amazing talent on the piano.

The next act, Restless Heart, is not new to the Country music scene as they have been in the business for over twenty five years.  This was my first time seeing Restless Heart perform and I could not have asked for a more perfect setting. Truly, just the members on the stage singing to a small church crowd is a very personal experience.  They entertained the crowd with their classic hits, “The Bluest Eyes In Texas” and “I’ll Still Be Loving You.”  If you do not own their CD 25 And Live, I highly recommend going to get a copy.

Matthew West followed Restless Heart and he is such a humble individual.  I had never listened to West before Monday, but now I am hooked.  His songs carry such deep lyrics that you find yourself connected to faith through music.  “Motions,” by far was my favorite from this talented artist.  The Nashville Choir and Danielle Kingsley delighted the crowd with the powerful voices of such diverse talent.  Kingsley’s voice balanced with the Choir perfectly.

The last performer of the evening, but certainly not least, was Jimmy Wayne.  He graced the audience with a glimpse into the Angel Tree Program and his personal story.  Wayne opened his set with his no. 1 hit “Do You Believe Me Now,” and shared the song we all wanted to hear “Paper Angels.”  “Paper Angels,” is a perfect song for the holiday season, as it will touch a listener’s heart. Check out the video for “Paper Angels”. Wayne’s career is getting restarted this year, but I am confident fans will be hearing and seeing a lot more as 2011 unfolds.

One of the most memorable parts of the evening was the ending. All the performers joined each other on the stage and got the crowd to sing along to “Joy To The World.”  It is not quite Christmas, but A Gathering of Angels sure put my heart in the mood for the holiday season and made me realize how fortunate I am.

This holiday season, I have picked an Angel and have been asking each of my friends to also pick an Angel.  I am very blessed in this life and nothing would bring more joy to my heart than knowing a small gift can bring some Christmas joy to someone struggling day to day.  Please, everyone, get involved this holiday season and adopt an Angel.  Watch this video Where Angels Dwell and you will know you made the right choice in supporting The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program.

As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫


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