I Didn’t Come Here To Lose

Hey Music Lovers,

It’s Music Monday!  I love this time of the week. I get to rack my brain for the perfect song and how it applies to my life at this time.  Even though there is a slight chill in the air and the clouds are already hiding the sun, I am still finding this day to be filled with warmth and sunshine.  I had a very good day today as a new chapter in my life has started to be written.  My song of the week is, “I Didn’t Come Here To Lose,” by Singer/Songwriter Jimmy Wayne.

I like to talk about my life as chapters within a book, so whenever you hear me reference a chapter, my life is usually what I am talking about.  After earning my degree I set out on my quest to begin the ‘Part Two’ of my life.  ‘Part One’ was the first book in my life, you know, the chapters filled with childhood, grade school, the life I have built with my parents and family.  ‘Part Two’ contains the life I am building for myself now.  The only certainty is that I came to Nashville to stay and I am not about to head back to home base anytime soon.  The song “I Didn’t Come Here To Lose,” started to make more of connection.  “Just need that one chance, don’t tell me that I can’t.”  This line stays with me because within the first of living here the one job that seemed the most promising ended up being a dead end.  However, I didn’t let this get me down for too long.  Instead, I started thinking of other routes I could utilize to find that one chance.  I have found that one chance, or maybe it found me, and I’m not letting it go.

The third verse is what I keep singing out loud whenever I hear it play.  “Give me your ‘heck no’s, you’ll never make it’s.  All those cynical backhanded praises.  I’ll turn them into something I can use, a little rocket fuel for my shooting star.”  Some people told me I would never make it and I would have to come home, but I didn’t take those words to heart.  Instead, every time a negative statement was brought into my life either through my own thoughts, or words spoken by others, I turned them around into positive thinking.   The negative words became my rocket fuel as I propel on the path towards my shooting star.  This verse is very motivating to anyone who is confident in their dreams because negativity and fear of failure can really hold you back.  However, when you turn the negativity around and fear into motivation, you can go far towards that shooting star.

Life isn’t meant to always be easy because if it was that would be pretty boring in my eyes.  The hard times are memorable because it gives sense of accomplishment and strength when we look back at how we have come to be where we are today.  We were all born with the ability to dream and work towards being successful in the path we choose to take.  The only thing stopping oneself from going all the way is your own mind.  I am one who truly believes to go after the dreams I have in terms of both career and personal.  One of my favorite quotes of all times can link to the song easily.  “Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you land among the stars.”  Live by it bloggers and follow your dreams.  When you start life becomes more than just a day-by-day existence.  Life is a story being written minute by minute.

As always bloggers, until next time, keep those ears entertained.


Chelsea ♫



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  1. The Not So Evil Twin :)
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 10:05:21

    Chelsea, you ARE a shooting star! I’m so happy for you with your new job, your own apartment, and your feet firmly planted under you! You AREN’T going to lose in my book, no matter what happens!


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